Crossfit Level 2 Instructor
Olympic Weightlifting Certified

Jeff Baxter

Head Coach/Manager

Hi! Jeff here. I started Crossfit back in 2009 in Afghanistan of all places. I come from a military firefighter background and after doing a few Crossfit workouts, I was sold on the benefits it brought to me in my professional and personal life. Learning how to move efficiently and safely were and are among my top priorities. My philosophy when it comes to teaching Crossfit is Learn, Practice, Perfect then add Intensity. Utilizing these methods keeps us safe, healthy and ready for the unknown.
I assisted in opening up Bagram Crossfit in Afghanistan, participated in an internship at Crossfit Bartlett for one year, one of the original owners of Crossfit Chickasaw, now head coach at Crossfit Triad. Working with all types of people and all walks of life is what I love to do. It’s what drives me and what I am passionate about.

Crossfit Level 2 Instructor
Crossfit Movement & Mobility Certified
Crossfit Gymnastics Certified
Crossfit Endurance Certified

Ana Yambrek


From a young age growing up in Argentina, I developed a love for all types of sports including track, volleyball, and basketball. During college I played competitive Racquetball for the University of Memphis. After graduating, I searched for ways to stay active but quickly grew bored and disappointed from the same workout routines and no results. But in 2012 I nervously attended my first CrossFit class and never looked back. I had finally found what I was missing, ever changing workouts, competition, growth as an athlete and more important community. You could say I was hooked and after years of being the athlete, I found my calling as a coach and a gym owner. In 2015, I received my Level 1 Certification and began my journey as a Trainer. I have never stopped learning and developing as a coach and as an athlete. Loving the journey!

Crossfit Level 1 Instructor
Olympic Weightlifting Certified

Matt Moss

Owner/Coach/Head Programmer

I was born and raised here in Memphis, TN. Ever since I was a young kid, I have always been involved in some type of sport. I played baseball and soccer competitively until college but enjoyed all other sports as well. That competitive drive came at an early age and CrossFit allows me to continue it even as I get older.
Fitness has always been a top priority for me. During high school, college and even after, I have always been conscious of my physical and nutritional well being. I have learned a lot since those days and what I thought was good may not have been, but the effort has always been there. After college, I was bored of the regular gym routine and needed something new. In 2010, I tried P90X which was one of the most boring things I had ever done. Once I completed it, I knew I needed to find something else and that’s when I found CrossFit. After the first workout, I was instantly hooked. The results were undeniable and it gave me something to compete in again.
I am now a huge believer in using the physical and mental strengths I gain at the gym in every day life. My favorite part about being an owner/coach is seeing the results and positive impacts it has on other people as well. Seeing others succeed is what motivated me to be a part of CrossFit Triad.

Crossfit Level 1 Instructor

Jeff Brightwell


Jeff began CrossFit in June of 2012, after four years of training he received his CF-L1 in June of 2016. A TV/Radio announcer by profession, he has been a member of CrossFit HQ’s Media team, as a play-by-play announcer for The CrossFit Games, since 2014.

CrossFit Level 1 Instructor
B. S. in Exercise Science from the University of Memphis
CrossFit Aerobic Capacity Certified

Brandon Reilly


A competitive swimmer growing up, and weight room addict throughout high school and college, CrossFit was a natural next step in my fitness journey. I discovered CrossFit in 2009 while studying Exercise Science at University of Memphis. I received my degree in 2010 after completing an internship at Memphis’ first CrossFit box. I rediscovered my love for the water and endurance training when I completed the Memphis in May Sprint Triathlon in 2014. I have since completed an Olympic distance triathlon, three 25K trail runs, and attended the Aerobic Capacity course at CF Mayhem in summer 2017. Learning from mentors, fellow coaches, and from past injuries/mistakes has become very valuable over the years as an athlete and coach. I enjoy sharing what I know and love with others. CrossFit has helped me improve my quality of life, stay disciplined, and make healthy decisions, and I am passionate about helping people discover their abilities through fitness as well.


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