relocating soon to 1010 cresthaven Road, Memphis, TN 38119!

Check back to see our progress. SEE you there in 2017!

Bigger, better, louder music, outdoor wods, coffee, and friends!


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The CrossFit Triad method of training may be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You will soon realize that you’ve made the best decision possible for your health and wellness. We will be exposing you to various methods, tools, and techniques to help you reach your fitness goals. We will utilize basic and complex body weight exercises, barbells for power lifting and Olympic weight lifting, kettlebells and dumbbells for various movements, and many more. At CrossFit Triad we will be engaging in “real” functional exercises on a daily basis.

Trust us, the possibilities are endless.

We focus on being extremely good at what we do - which is getting our members to realize their true fitness potential as quickly as possible. To ensure that all of our members enjoy the most comprehensive experience, we require every member at CrossFit Triad to follow our “getting started” steps.



Step 2

CrossFit Memphis
CrossFit Memphis

Attend a Complimentary Intro Class

 Because we care about your progress from day one, we want to utilize this introductory session to familiarize each member with our gym: rules, procedures, methodology, etc.  At our gym, we may not do things that you're used to and this hour long class will prepare you to make a smooth transition into our program.  We will also do a baseline test during this introduction.  If you're a CrossFit "newbie" you'll be getting a taste of good ol' fashion hard work.  And if you're a CrossFit veteran, then strap up and show us what you can do!  After this class, if you are ready to join our gym, you can speak with a coach and they will be happy to take care of you.  If you are still unsure, we have our Optional Fundamentals Classes.  

Email us to schedule an Intro Class



Optional Fundamentals Classes

If you feel you did not learn enough in the Complimentary Intro Class, you can take the three-day optional fundamental classes designed to familiarize our new athletes with the basic CrossFit movements, philosophy, and nutrition. If you're a bit intimidated about CrossFit, don't worry! You're not alone. This course will boost your confidence and allow you to fit right in to the mix of things. Plus, you might just learn something that could change your life. After these 3 classes you will be ready to join and attend our regular schedule.  Please see one of our coaches and they will assist you.

Optional Fundamentals Classes $99.00

Email us to schedule your Fundamentals Classes.